Chaos Battle Sovereign

Chaos Battle Sovereign

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*This magical world had four continents on Pan Mo planet, which were the Hongtu Continent. Devil Moon Continent, Martial Saint Continent, and Tianxin Continent.

Each continent was extremely vast, equivalent to dozens of times the size of Earth.

The population also reached hundreds of billions, with the exception of a large number of humans.

There were also some races with a small population, such as elves and dwarves. Forest giants, Dragon Clan and so on, although they were few in number, their strength could not be underestimated.

In the Tianxin Continent, there was the Yuanxin Empire and the Demon Heart Empire. Out of the three empires in the Divine Heart Empire, the Yuanxin Empire was the most powerful.

The reason why the Yuanxin Empire was so powerful was because of the existence of the Tantai Family.

And our story begins from this great acient family....


He had unexpectedly come to the isekai world and obtained the Yin-Yang Chaos Formula.

With such treasure in this dangerous world He needed to make himself stronger so that he could unseal the technique.

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