Heaven-law Supreme System

Heaven-law Supreme System

2439 Chapters
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Looking at the chaos in the distance, looking back, all that was left was nothingness … As long as the System possessed him, he would be able to unlock each and every one of his achievements. From then on, he would be able to make great progress on the road of acting cool and he would never be able to return …

In the end, he discovered that relying on the system would allow him to become a Deity. However, his final destination was unknown …

No matter what, I have to start from a variety show …

Xuan roared at the sky. "Don't stop me! I want to act tough! I want to become a god!"

The world asks, "Why are you so all-powerful? Do you know anything? "

Xuan spread out his hands and shrugged. "I was born not to be god Chu. The ages are like the night. I was born to save the people. Keep a low profile. Don't admire me."

The System said, "If you continue bragging, do you believe that I will die with you?"

There were laughter and tears. This was actually a story of a man growing up and transforming …

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June 12, 2023 9:32 AM
Harry janvu kahugi ISS pochu ISS ishi junk it's
June 12, 2023 9:32 AM
Sp jaldi Jaa jeev ofcourse jub hill Jai ka Aaj ha so is
All O so idk kal various judiciary bahar
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