My 26 Years Old Female CEO

My 26 Years Old Female CEO

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An ordinary clerk fell in love with the beautiful female CEO. He thought that the two could only be together in a dream. However, he did not expect that the dream would come true one day.

Zhang Tian is a clerk of the company. He has encountered all kinds of difficulties of the beautiful CEO immediately after he joined the company. The beautiful CEO is very harsh on Zhang Tian, but Zhang Tian has to admit that she is indeed capable, and the company's performance is booming under her management.

Once Zhang Tian went on a business trip with the CEO, the customer had a lot of harassment to her, but she dared not to say anything. Zhang Tian stood out to protect her. Since then, the look of the beautiful CEO to Zhang Tian turned from disdain to admiration, the seeds of love are quietly sprouting ...

☆About the Author☆

Zigh, an outstanding online novelist, is good at creating modern romance novels. He has excellent creative ability. His novels have twists and turns, which are fascinating.

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