My wife is A CEO

My wife is A CEO

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He worked diligently for several years at the job, and finally took the position of director, but was framed and insulted by the relatives of the company's CEO. In anger, he chose to resign and leave here to go to the city where his internet pal lives who are very happy to chat with.

When he arrived in the new city, his relationship with this internet pal also quickly heated up. His new job was also rewarded by his hard work. Until one day, he found that the beauty who had been chatting with him for a long time on the Internet turned out to be the CEO of his company ...

☆About the Author☆

Yan Dou, an excellent author of online novels, is good at writing urban romance novels, and her representative works include Workplace Situation: Female Enthusiasts in Love. Her novels have attracted widespread attention for her beautiful language and fascinating storyline.

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