Peerless War God in City

Peerless War God in City

100 Chapters
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*After five years of bloody battles, he had finally been bestowed the title of 'Wolf Cover Sus' and enjoyed the glory of eternal life.

As the invincible High Lord, With his own strength, he could retreat a million enemies.

I have a vision that allows me to destroy the Heavens. I have an army that can rob the enemy and rob the enemy. I have a sword that allows me to slay Chosen.


But nobody knows was an orphan. He was adopted by Lin Yan's father, Lin Zhengtian, and became brothers with Lin Yan.

All though he did not receive much respect in the Lin Family, and was often bullied.

People in the Lin Family would either beat him or curse him, and there were new scars on his body every day.

But he had never gave up his life because he had his brother Lin Yan.

Until when he was 18 he decided to join the army.


Today after so many years, he had finially back to the city.

But what waitting for him was the grave of his brother...

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