Rebirth: City's Abandoned Master

Rebirth: City's Abandoned Master

100 Chapters
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*He was originally the son the famous southern side of the capital.

After his father became a vegetable after a car accident, his uncle chased him out of the Lu family and murdered his whole family.

When he was on the verge of death, he was saved by Master Luo Tian and brought to the Immortal Demon Continent to cultivate.

He thought he could leave all things behind.

But when he went through the heavenly tribulation to break through to the supreme realm, He just realized how important my inner demons were all those years ago!

He had been killed under the heavenly tribulation...

"I had thought that I had already seen through all sorts of things in the world. In the Dao of Merciless, I go further and further. In less than ten thousand years, I will become the heartless celestial sovereign that is revered by all! But who would have thought that the seed of the demonheart would always be lying in ambush at the bottom of my heart. "

When he work up, he had found out he had back to his youth and his family have not been killed yet!


In this life, his parents could not die! In this life, all his enemies must die!

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