Super Cookery System

Super Cookery System

1330 Chapters
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*What If I can give you a chance to be the greatest chef just as good as Gordon Ramsay,even better!What will you do?

There is a strange roadside stall,the owner have the Super Cookery System.

The price there was expensive. A string of roasted gluten was 100 yuan, and a roasted chicken wing cost 388 yuan. But even so, there were still many people waiting in line.

The owner do not send takeaway food and only accepted the line at the scene. and also only operated for six hours a day. But even so, countless people from all over the world specifically flew there to eat.

The service there is abominable, but the food is so delicious that the customers are willing to clean their own dishes after the meal,  and  wipe the table!

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October 17, 2023 5:25 AM
Good book, not just imedently op but steady growth
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