Super Dragon Cultivation System

Super Dragon Cultivation System

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When Zhang Xing crossed over to another world, he had an extra Divine Dragon Island in his mind, so he started to raise all kinds of dragons on the island.

Zhang Xing used to be the supervisor of a well-known animation company on the earth, but became a six-year-old boy in another world. This is a magic world, with powerful warriors and the most respected magicians. Because this child, also known as Zhang Xing, has some magical qualifications, his grandfather scrimped and saved to send him to the Magic Academy. Unfortunately, on the way they were attacked by wild wolves. Grandpa died and he eventually starved to death near Wood Village. Just as he lamented his fate, there was a Magic Dragon Island appeared in his mind. So he began to raise various dragons on the island. Black Dragon, Golden Dragon, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, White Dragon, Magic Dragon, Crystal Dragon... he also has attributes that these dragons have. Spitfire, put a magic arrow, these are just the most basic skills. Let's see how Zhang Xing led a group of dragons to challenge the entire continent.

☆About the Author☆

Jiu Baidu is an imaginative online novel writer who specializes in creating fantasy novels. Super Dragon Cultivation System is his masterpiece.

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