Super Insects Evolving System

Super Insects Evolving System

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What would happen to you if your life depended on bugs? What would you do if your bugs could evolve into adults? Want a driver? That's fine, then I'll evolve two of them.

You want a chef? That's fine too. I'll evolve the most delicious dish for cooking.

An assassin attacked? Then I will evolve a killer group and completely crush all of you!

Bullying me because my power is weak? Fine, I'll let you see what a true power is!


Lovely and lovely wives, gentle and beautiful girls, plump sisters, fresh and beautiful girls, strong and beautiful girls, all of them are accepted. It's not that I'm pestering them, it's that they're unwilling to let me go.

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September 2, 2022 8:41 AM
Magandang story po.. kaso di ko na matapos Kasi kulang coins ko.
Ok naman.. talagang mapa basa kanalang ng di mo mamalayan.
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