Supreme Stock God

Supreme Stock God

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He has the opportunity to return to fifteen years ago, and use his financial knowledge to succeed for the richest man of this era!
Once he stumbled upon his girlfriend's cheating, he was brutally murdered by his angry girlfriend and her lover! Watching the back of them leaving before his death, he thought angrily in his heart: He will not let them go even he would be the ghost of the afterlife! He then lost consciousness.

When he woke up, the surrounding environment suddenly became the one when was a child. His father scolded his mother while taking away the only money left in their house, and his mother was crying helplessly. Only then did he realize that he had come to his childhood moments through the space-time shuttle. Thinking of the abuse he and his mother had suffered, he vowed to protect his mother this time!

As he learned a lot of stock knowledge in the previous life, and clearly grasped the direction of the stock market in the next fifteen years, he quickly thought of a way to make wealth from stocks, and eventually became the supreme stock god who finally gained a lot of beauties and money! He finally has the ability to protect those he loves, while making those who have hurt him pay the price.

☆About the Author☆

Yi Ge Da La, an outstanding online novelist, has a strong ability to conceive and write stories. His novels usually have grand story backgrounds, strict logic, and strong readability.

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