System:My Isekai Goddess Wife

System:My Isekai Goddess Wife

580 Chapters
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*In this world where strength was respected,He took the Goddess as his Godly System!

"Ding! System Notification! Congratulations to Zhang Heng for killing an ant! You have received 1 experience point! You are still 99 points away from breaking through to Fighter 2-dan!"

With such power, He is almost the god of this world!

A certain almighty being: "Hurry up and run, he came again. He already exterminated 18 almighty beings today, I don't want to be the 19th one!"

Genius: Don't say that I'm a genius. In front of him, I'm just a slightly smarter fool.

A certain fairy: Not good, that hoodlum came again, but … He is such a scoundrel!

Let us see how this arrogant young men change the world up side down…

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September 19, 2023 4:25 PM
Xp calculation is the worst! 200 for killing yet still receives 200 per tick on absorption, it doesn't make sense! Fix this junk!
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