Urban Sword God Reborn

Urban Sword God Reborn

500 Chapters
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The Qi family, a once renowned and powerful family sharing wide and extensive connections, produced multiple talents and geniuses propelling it to become one of the top families in West River City. However, three years ago, in a brutal overnight massacre, the Qi family was assassinated and wiped off from the face of the earth. All its direct descendants were slain leaving only Qi Yun and her mentally ill brother, Qi Xiao.

For three years, the duo lived a life of abject poverty and oppression from friends and foes alike. Their victimization was enhanced by the fact that Qi Xiao was basically a fool who couldn’t speak nor comprehend anything, leaving his sister as the only sole protector of the scant family. In a surprising turn of events, whilst everyone thought that Qi Xiao was ill-minded, he had actually been living in another life for three hundred years.

With the title of trash, he had dominated the entire martial arts world, becoming the legendary sword god. He awakens the exact moment a friend turned foe family pushes for annulment of their engagement. His awakening comes as a shock to everyone, mostly to those who plotted against his family. Qi Xiao is a dangerous threat, a force that is to be reckoned as he is driven with the motive of revenge.

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