Beacon Spirit Flag

Beacon Spirit Flag

424 Chapters
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*After the Fantasy Tang Dynasty was destroyed, all the countries were established as kings in this Mysterious continent.

Peace is no more, the people have no means to live.

Every king wanted to obtain the national divine tool "Dragonfire Spirit Flag", whoever obtained it would be able rule the world.

As the two pearls of the great Sword Sect, they had traveled to Jianghu on their father's orders in search of the Flaming Demon Spirit Flag.

In the process of searching for the Fire Beacon Spirit Flag, the two of them had to experience a killing battle between the immortals and devils!

After survived from the Battle, They found the Fire Beacon Spirit Flag also lost its divine power...

In order to restore it's power, they have travel across the Divine State and find the the 22 God Equipment.

Could they escape from the Kings' chase?

Could they restore the Fire Beacon Spirit Flag?

Could they defeated all the Yin Yang World's devils and unite the Central Plains once again?

Come my friend, let us fellow the twins, step by step uncover the secrets of this continent.

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