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Cthulhu Fantasy : I  Am The Great Old One

Cthulhu Fantasy : I Am The Great Old One

998 Chapters
(22 Ratings)

Table of Contents

C1 It's Time for the Mantis Shrimp to LeaveC2 Gluttony Is the Ladder to ProgressC3 Gluttony Is the Source of StruggleC4 Prawns Look for PrawnsC5 When Humans Think about It God LaughsC6 Knowledge Is PowerC7 Chicken and Duck TalkC8 We Found a City-stateC9 Gluttony Is the Common LanguageC10 Set Fire to the Mountain Reservoir and Fry the FishC11 When You Hear an Explosion You Have to Open Your MouthC12 First the Chicken or First the Egg?C13 My Brother also Knows Military BoxingC14 Flying in the Sky and Swimming in the WaterC15 There will be a Day When the Devilish Brat Grows upC16 Going out in the Smog Remember to Wear a MaskC17 He Flew up to the Sky and Stood Shoulder to Shoulder with the SunC18 No Matter What Good or Bad Things Happen They will Spread Far and WideC19 The Spring the Autumn and the Summer Take a NapC20 No Matter How High Your Martial Arts Are You're Afraid of Running awayC21 The City of ExplosionsC22 The Qiuming Mountain Spiritual Car DriftedC23 He Had a Dead Rat by His Waist Pretending to be a HunterC24 A Fine of Twenty Thousand for Illegal Electric FishC25 If I Say You Can Do It Then You Can Do It or NotC26 It Rained During the Qingming FestivalC27 Fishing with a Straight HookC28 Who Is the Real Chariot God of Mount QiumingC29 The Roller CoasterC30 Please Begin Your PerformanceC31 He Smiled and Asked Fatty Who You AreC32 If You Eat too Much Fat You will be KilledC33 A Life and Death Battle Between Swordsmen!C34 Thomas DeductedC35 I'm LookingC36 With His Yellow RobeC37 ExplorerC38 Brother Don't Laugh at LiuC39 Chicken Learned Duck LanguageC40 Learning Makes People HappyC41 No Matter How Fast the Gun Is It Can't Hit the Blue FlyC42 Monster 0!C43 Assemble into One SentenceC44 If You Want to Learn I'll Teach YouC45 They Had to Find the Right Doctor to Treat PatientsC46 We Need to Prepare Pesticides RegularlyC47 A Dead Rat in His WaistC48 Mushroom ManC49 Who Doesn't like to ShootC50 Mad ZooC51 A Big EscapeC52 Three-pointers!C53 The Ceasefire Was an AllyC54 20th Century Fox Don't Sue MeC55 The Two of Them Passed awayC56 The Film Short Song LineC57 Global Pictures Please Don't Sue MeC58 Death's Eternal LifeC59 The Beasts in the Mountains Were Fresh at the Bottom of the SeaC60 Cats Are the Hope of HumanityC61 Nine-floored Cat TowerC62 Time Passed in the Small CityC63 Memories That Had Been WashedC64 The Three Cat Opened the TaiC65 Did You Hear His CallC66 Wushuang!C67 I'm Heading NorthC68 My Knife ExplodedC69 The Second Is the KatanaC70 Never Heard of Such a Strange RequestC71 Chicken Drumstick WarriorC72 He Rubbed His HeadC73 When will the Moon AppearC74 Down the MountainC75 In the Eyes of a Thousand People There Are a Thousand Kinds of Shrimp MenC76 The Wind Is Blowing the Wind Is Blowing the Wind Is Blowing the Wind Is BlowingC77 The Sword Saint of ComprehensionC78 When will the Moon Shine on the Ancient PeopleC79 Good TasteC80 Long Live the WorldC81 If You Don't Know What to Do Just Play a CardC82 The Ancient People Had Never Seen This MonthC83 Be Careful Climbing the Mountain in the RainC84 What You Look likeC85 Guiding the CountryC86 If the Ocean CouldC87 Sea BreakerC88 There's No Problem with a BarbecueC89 Justice Comes from the SkyC90 And Then He Became a HunterC91 You Can't Say What You Want to SayC92 Go Home and Take a LookC93 Helping Others Is FunC94 Three Days Without a Roof TileC95 When the Leaves Fall You will Return to Your RootsC96 He Couldn't Help but Sigh as He Stayed away from His HometownC97 He Saw Him Build a Tall BuildingC98 Surrounding the CityC99 Two GunnersC100 March of the Fire BeaconC101 At the End of the Flames of WarC102 Three MenC103 Don't Get Addicted to the Card GameC104 Past Events in the United StatesC105 PursueC106 The Lucky Guy Can't Go FarC107 If the Heart Is in a Dream Then so be ItC108 Karashnikov Bestows Me with PowerC109 We Can Only Work Together Because of a Great DevilC110 War and PeaceC111 let'sgopartner!​​​​C112 The Four Iron ChainsC113 F2,AC114 A Matter of FaceC115 It Was a Beautiful SceneC116 If There Were Then TwoC117 The Two Armies Fought Without Cutting off the EnvoysC118 Familiar Yan's ReturnC119 You Fell Before I Could Even Put My Strength into ItC120 Father and Son GameC121 Father's WorkC122 Mountain Goat Bottle Pisces PeonyC123 It Was Only Because I Saw You in the CrowdC124 Master and Disciple Are like Father and SonC125 Having a Dream Is a Good ThingC126 Why Did the Flames of War BurnC127 As Long as He Can Defeat the Cancer of ProcrastinationC128 Everything Can be RepeatedC129 Live Chop HaC130 IndiasC131 Father and SonC132 The Grape Rack FellC133 TitanicC134 Time Was like a Merciless Carving KnifeC135 He Didn't Come Back Until He Said GoodbyeC136 The Self-cultivation of an ActorC137 A Great Change to a Living PersonC138 The Sound of the Sea CryingC139 Big Fish will Teach You to be an AdultC140 I Wish You PeaceC141 It's Impossible to WorkC142 knockknockC143 A Tragedy Caused by an AppleC144 Crystal ThroneC145 Be Careful with Your WordsC146 Fake Fool Don't be CrazyC147 The Wind Was BlowingC148 Lin Zhong's Little CabinC149 StealthC150 Quality Is the TruthC151 Chariots Turn into Spiritual ChariotsC152 The Road of CommonC153 The King of WarC154 Young Master Li's Eldest Son ReturnedC155 Knowledge Changes FateC156 Children Don't Know Each OtherC157 The Power to Pull out a Mountain Is UnparalleledC158 There Is a Difference Between Growing and GrowingC159 Back in the pastC160 I Met an Old Friend in a Foreign LandC161 Then What Was the Price?C162 Don't Let the Tiles GoC163 Can You Still EatC164 His StoryC165 Picture a Cat and Draw a TigerC166 Will You Suddenly AppearC167 A White Horse Is Not a HorseC168 Kung FuC169 The Weapon MerchantC170 When He Saw the Characters It Was as If He Saw ThemC171 Why FightC172 FuriousC173 Maybe This Is Called GrowthC174 A False RumorC175 The Autumn Wind RisesC176 Zhan Wuxiu Was ConfusedC177 Procedural HeroC178 Drink to Three PeopleC179 Everyone Was Looking for HimC180 The Deer Becomes the HorseC181 A Lion and a TigerC182 EatenC183 Back Waves Front WavesC184 In the End He Did Not Return ItC185 One Man and One SwordC186 Army BreakerC187 God Against ManC188 The Lion and the Tiger FightC189 Death Is EternalC190 Three Hundred and Sixty LinesC191 I Am the One Who Owns This MountainC192 New EmployeeC193 Flying Dragons in the SkyC194 Those GunmenC195 The Tiger Is the CatC196 Seeing the Dragon in the FieldsC197 Holding Hope in His HandC198 The Problem Is to be a Good TeacherC199 Prevention Against Being Addicted to the SickleC200 A New Generation Replacing an Old OneC201 You Are FiredC202 There Was No End in SightC203 Where Can I Not Wet My Shoes When I Walk by the RiverC204 The Name That Can't be Returned Is HomeC205 Same KindC206 Old ThiefC207 The Secret ChamberC208 Ten AmbushesC209 The War DrumsC210 ChoiceC211 East Rising Stone RockC212 Those MermaidsC213 The Leader of the MerfolkC214 Boiled FishC215 Yellow Shirt FallingC216 Double Severing DragonC217 Single Severing DragonC218 A Cicada Shedding Its ShellC219 The Spring and Autumn PeriodC220 LiuC221 The Shadow of a Ghost in the ForestC222 Food Is the Bridge to CommunicationC223 Grass WarriorC224 Teacher Yu's Three Great HobbiesC225 The Old Corpse of the Mountain VillageC226 The Stories Are All FabricatedC227 What I Said Is TrueC228 Playing with SnakesC229 Four-legged Snake Is also a SnakeC230 A Large Wave of Zombies Was ApproachingC231 It's All overC232 Continuing LifeC233 Delicious Wind SnakeC234 The Story of the White SnakeC235 Lord GuanC236 Weapon InspectionC237 You Have to Get Dirty in Order to Catch ThievesC238 Society SocietyC239 Lu Diao Guarded His Condor CastleC240 He Punched Nanshan into the Old HouseC241 How Many Years Has It BeenC242 River and Lake Far awayC243 Martial Arts CompetitionC244 The Property Distribution ConferenceC245 What Are You Laughing atC246 HubaobaoC247 He Was Just Trying to Get the Bottom of ItC248 The Flower PickerC249 The Big Man Was the ProcuratorC250 Learning Is Human InstinctC251 They Are Proud of Their Hard WorkC252 Despicable AdultC253 That Man Is BackC254 Forgive the WarriorC255 The Fierce Battle Between the Dragon and the TigerC256 Two Men and a CatC257 The Time to Eat the Food Has ArrivedC258 Hello TeacherC259 We Still Don't Know Johnson's Name We Saw That DayC260 Fish and ShrimpC261 The World Is Under the Control of the MuslimsC262 The Warning of High Temperatures must be Taken Care of to Prevent the Temperature from DroppingC263 God Said That There must be LifeC264 A Man and a Dog All of Their Equipment Depended on Picking Them upC265 Jade WarriorC266 God Says That If You Want to be Rich You must Have Many TreesC267 The Melon Gets the Melon the Bean Gets the BeanC268 The Growth of All ThingsC269 No Matter How Strong He IsC270 The Green GrasslandC271 Black GoatC272 Green and BlackC273 A FamilyC274 Young Number Twenty-fiveC275 What Did the Merman SayC276 Who's the KidC277 ModeratorsC278 InjusticeC279 The Old Mating PartnerC280 Memories Turned into the SeaC281 Midfield Fleeting TimeC282 Don't Say Anything It's All in the WineC283 He Stepped into the Door of Right and WrongC284 The Old Ruler and the Female BathhouseC285 To be a Hero in LifeC286 Even If He Died He Would Still be a GhostC287 Here It Comes They're HereC288 Thousands of BooksC289 A Gift from the HeavensC290 The Correct Way to Deal with a MonsterC291 We'll Definitely Come!C292 GuguguguguC293 Vegetable Is the Original SinC294 A Long BladeC295 The Lead PigeonC296 The Stone of Another MountainC297 The Dao Is Worthy of PraiseC298 Detective Doe NanC299 The Problem of Crossing RacesC300 When Enemies Meet Let's Get Together and LeaveC301 Remember to Pick the Thorns When You Eat the FishC302 Don't Cultivate Anymore Wash up and SleepC303 The Scene Was Filled with ConfusionC304 Indecent ManC305 You Don't Need to Row a BoatC306 Follow Your HeartC307 There Is No Such Thing as LuckC308 My Sunglasses Are All BlackC309 Hell King Wants You to Die Three Times MoreC310 Master TurnC311 Play with the SnakeC312 There Would be Shadows Under the LightC313 The Hidden Dragon in the AbyssC314 The East Wind Blows the War DrumsC315 The Beating of Thousands of PeopleC316 Cold TremblingC317 A Real Fierce ManC318 A Friendly and Friendly ExchangeC319 The Trees Moved to Death and People Moved to LiveC320 The Mental Hospital of the Ten Thousand MountainsC321 In the Middle of the NightC322 The Latter Half of the Night of the GodsC323 The Drifting of the GodsC324 The Spiraling Ascension of the GodsC325 God's Soil Is SafeC326 The Fate of the FilmC327 The Wind Blew on the Trees and the Twilight Filled the CapitalC328 Transcending Europe and Entering AfricaC329 If You Spend Money You Won't Change Your FateC330 Bald Man plus Critical StrikeC331 Those Who Don't Care about Their Lives Are Afraid of Being ShamelessC332 The Younger One Was Beaten up and the Older One Was Beaten upC333 Does It Feel Good to be the Big BrotherC334 An Open AssassinationC335 The Actors and ActressesC336 Best ActorC337 This Was the First Time They Were Fighting Against a Drinking WarC338 Good Boy Don't Go on Some Weird ForumsC339 Master and DiscipleC340 A Single Spark of FireC341 The Two Kids Were Arguing Day and NightC342 In MingdeC343 Go Home Go HomeC344 Don't Use a Flash Bomb in front of a Single DogC345 How Many Lives Does One HaveC346 It Could also be Used as a DecoyC347 Mountain GhostC348 Li Dai Is a Dead ManC349 Gods and Ghosts Are Afraid of Evil PeopleC350 Water Can Carry BoatsC351 You Can also FailC352 There Was Everything in the DreamC353 The Correct Way to Get Rid of GhostsC354 The Wrong Way to Get Rid of GhostsC355 There Was a Fire at the End of the DayC356 The Autumn Sky Was EmptyC357 Don't Leave after SchoolC358 Everyday He Would Pull His Legs and Stick His Body to the GroundC359 Young Mao Ji's WorriesC360 Infiltrating the Depths of the Lotus FlowerC361 Intoxicated and Unable to ReturnC362 Chang Ji Pavilion Sunset DayC363 Struggle and StruggleC364 Creek Pavilion at DuskC365 It Startled a Flock of Seagull HeronsC366 Prime Minister(1)C367 Prime Minister(2)C368 All Living Beings Look at Each Other(3)C369 The Image of All Living Beings(4)C370 All Creations EndC371 Hell Is a DisguiseC372 Wild Fire Set the World on FireC373 Fierce Fire Cooking OilC374 Causing the Fire to Burn ThemselvesC375 The Fire and Ash Were ColdC376 Picking Chestnuts out of a FireC377 Choose the Root of the ProblemC378 The Wildfire Was EndlessC379 The Dust Has SettledC380 Yin Yang Master(1)C381 Yin Yang Masters(2)C382 Yin Yang Master(3)C383 Yin Yang Master EndC384 It Was a Blessing in DisguiseC385 Story and WineC386 Riding a Monkey on a TreeC387 First ContactC388 The One with Wings Might Not be an AngelC389 There Was a Monkey on the GroundC390 Multi-cannon TurretC391 Three Days to Catch Fish Two Days to Catch FishC392 KyotoC393 It Was Better to be a Book than a BookC394 The Second ContactC395 Crosstalk Is a Language ArtC396 The Most Common Problem Was What to Eat for the next MealC397 After One Meal There will be a next MealC398 The Pig Crashed into a TreeC399 Whoever Hit the PigC400 Full of DeterminationC401 He Might Not be Superman in His PantsC402 The Village Is Connected to the InternetC403 Multi-choice QuestionC404 Happy DayC405 HarvestC406 Meteor ShowerC407 The Fierce Man Descended from the SkyC408 Another Horse Came out It Was RedC409 Monkey Swung His StickC410 The Third TimeC411 Legend Has ItC412 Find a Seat next to the StoveC413 Life and Death BattleC414 The People Watching the Scenery Are Looking at YouC415 In the Name of the FatherC416 The Number You Have Dialed Has Been Turned offC417 Phantom TankC418 A Mage Who Only Knows How to Flash Isn't a Good WarriorC419 It Was Hard for Small and Medium-sized Companies to ChangeC420 Face as a CardC421 Who Is Waiting for a Deal?C422 The Police will Pay YouC423 Buying a Bug to Send a GameC424 You're OutdatedC425 The Meaning of TravelC426 Luck Is also a Part of StrengthC427 Oceanic You're Full of WaterC428 It's a MiracleC429 I See YouC430 Sitting and ChattingC431 Spitting White Sand on Your FaceC432 Minute of ErrorC433 We Still Don't Know Johnson's Name We Saw That DayC434 After Shaking Hands We'll be FriendsC435 Job-changingC436 Mid-stage FreedomC437 Only by Combining Work and Rest Can One Do the Job WellC438 Be Careful of Your Belongings When Traveling OutsideC439 There Is a Hip-hop in the Central PlainsC440 Knowledge Changes FateC441 A Legendary FigureC442 DisassembleC443 East Han Was Divided into Three Countries at the End of the YearC444 The First Step to ConqueringC445 Orcs will Never be SlavesC446 The Foreman Agreed to PayC447 A Pay-to-win WarriorC448 One Horse for a ThousandC449 There must be a Limit to How Much Money You SpendC450 Learning Makes People TiredC451 Life Is like a Play That Relies on Acting SkillsC452 Learning to Make People AngryC453 He Died Before He Got PaidC454 Assassin's CreedC455 A Sheep Can be Chased and Two Sheep Can be PutC456 Teaching MusicC457 An AnalogyC458 People Are so Scary That They Scare People to DeathC459 Running away from Shame Was Very UsefulC460 It Was Inevitable to LeaveC461 The World Has ChangedC462 Don't Read in ClassC463 Opening the Door to a New WorldC464 Who Wrote HistoryC465 To Cherish Life and Stay away from GamblingC466 Three Generations of Archeology Was PoorC467 A Good College Life(1)C468 Good University Life(2)C469 Shame on YouC470 Good University Life(3)C471 A Good College Life(4)C472 College Life Is Not Good(1)C473 A Bad College Life(2)C474 College Life Is Not Good(3)C475 College Life Was Not Good(4)C476 Living in a DreamC477 One Person Hiding Ten People SearchingC478 Real and FakeC479 Let Me SeeC480 Listen CarefullyC481 A Good MealC482 The Cycle of ReincarnationC483 A Bear Child Is Always a Bear Child No Matter Where He GoesC484 The Water Washed over the Dragon King TempleC485 Everyone Is like a DragonC486 A Man Has Sorrow Joy and SeparationC487 Generation GapC488 The Heart of the Father and Mother in the WorldC489 Four Heavenly KingsC490 There will Definitely be Five of the Four Heavenly KingsC491 The Sun Is in the Deep SeaC492 A Thousand Miles in a Million MilesC493 He Abandoned Himself for 23 YearsC494 Living Is Worse than a DogC495 A Fierce Dog Comes out of Its CageC496 Don't Participate in Gambling ActivitiesC497 Unusual RoadC498 A Wise Man Is Always WorryingC499 There will Always be a LossC500 The Rest of You Are the KingC501 A Marriage SceneC502 Breaking One's Character Would Hurt Even MoreC503 It will Hurt Your Feelings Even MoreC504 If He Didn't Have Any Inspiration He Would Go out for a WalkC505 If You Don't Have Any Ideas Then Find a Girlfriend to Take a Look atC506 Don't Usually Touch FishC507 If You Have Time Take More MaterialsC508 If You Don't Have an Idea Then Use Your Brain MoreC509 If You Don't Have Enough Knowledge Then Read MoreC510 If You Feel Lost Find a TeacherC511 If You Don't Have a Teacher You Can Change to Another TeacherC512 If the Teacher Wasn't Reliable He Would Change to Another TeacherC513 If It's Still Not Reliable Then Just Self-studyC514 Only by Updating Can You Have the Confidence to SpeakC515 Don't Learn to Write PoemsC516 Don't be a PoetC517 If You Don't like It You Can Make up for ItC518 The Poet Was FuriousC519 The Devil Doesn't CryC520 Demons will also CryC521 A Comedy SceneC522 The Illness Comes like a LandslideC523 If You Want to Then GoC524 A Second to Cure Your IllnessC525 Just Say ItC526 Whatever You Are Afraid of ComesC527 It Was a Hard Job to SellC528 Bad Luck Was Always More than OnceC529 He Was Destined to be Himself in the FireC530 Playing with Fire and UrineC531 Imitation Was Human NatureC532 Don't Take Random MedicineC533 Paper Wrapped in FireC534 Go Back to Your Hometown and Get MarriedC535 There Is No Wall That Can't be Seen ThroughC536 What Should Come will ComeC537 One Shot into the SoulC538 EvilC539 It Was DestinedC540 Life Is like a Game of ChessC541 The Hearts of the People in the Screen Were LackingC542 He Didn't Touch the Fish AnymoreC543 Recruiting TalentsC544 Everything Is Difficult at the BeginningC545 Fang and BC546 On the First Day of the BattleC547 They Lost Money and ShoutedC548 Follow the TrendC549 Law-abiding CitizensC550 ChangeC551 There Is No First Place in LiteratureC552 No Second Place in Martial ArtsC553 I Can't Afford Two I Can't Afford TwoC554 Overtime Techniques and PhilosophyC555 A Man will Always be in TroubleC556 Being too Curious Isn't Necessarily a Good ThingC557 Why Don't You Take Care of It NowC558 There Was a Countermeasure nextC559 In Fact Authors Usually Don't Talk about Writing When They MeetC560 There Were Many Roads Between the ScenesC561 What to Eat next will Always be the Biggest ProblemC562 If You Don't Know What Brand to Choose Then Get on the BoatC563 The Great Voyage AgeC564 This Chapter Has ReappearedC565 Firearms ChangedC566 Sinking ShipC567 People Who Seek Death will DieC568 Know Yourself and Know Your EnemyC569 Being Handsome Is a Matter of LifeC570 The Mantis Stalks the CicadaC571 The Oriole Is at the BackC572 There Was a Big Bird Behind the SparrowC573 You Can't Blame Society for Not MemorizingC574 Come and Have a Drink FriendC575 Do Not be Arrogant but Don't Have No PrideC576 Better to be a Dog of PeaceC577 Reading Ten Thousand Books Traveling Ten Thousand MilesC578 Fish Head Levitation(1)C579 Octopus Head Flute(2)C580 Fish Head Drifting(3)C581 Octopus Head Drifting Mark(4)C582 Octopus Head Levitation(5)C583 Octopus Head Levitation FinishedC584 I Said Get Back to the Sea!C585 The Proud SoldiersC586 Humble GeneralC587 Mad KingC588 Angry SeaC589 DayinC590 He Can Get His Hands on ItC591 I Am Not I Am NotC592 If You Can Make a Move Then Don't Make a FussC593 First FireC594 The Wind Blows While the Waves BreakC595 No Matter How Good a Chef Is He Can't Just Rely on a Handful of SaltC596 It Wasn't Necessarily an Angel That Fell from the SkyC597 Marriage Might Not be a Good ThingC598 A Tragedy Caused by a MarriageC599 Something must Have Happened While Eating Hotpot and SingingC600 The First FireC601 Under the Raging FlamesC602 Bathing in the FireC603 The Line in Her HandC604 The Life of the Old Ruler Was to be DiscussedC605 Listen to Your Teacher(1)C606 Listen to the Teacher(2)C607 Listen to the Teacher's Words(3)C608 Listen to the Teacher(4)C609 Listen to Your Teacher(5)C610 Listen to Teacher(6)C611 Listen to the Teacher(7)C612 Listen to the Teacher(8)C613 Listen to the Teacher(9)C614 Listen to the TeacherC615 The Second FireC616 FreshmenC617 Learn to UseC618 Break the WallC619 Close Your Eyes and GoC620 Angel of StrengthC621 Right in the CageC622 The Second Life of the Former RulerC623 The Empire Has Never Been SacredC624 He Had Achieved Great ThingsC625 Difficult to TravelC626 The Third FlameC627 EasyC628 To be Crowned as KingC629 Throwing the Handkerchief by the Way Let's Talk about the Annual MeetingC630 In the SnowC631 DukesC632 A MealC633 It Might Not be a Good Thing to Run into a Cat OutsideC634 That Man Came BackC635 Teach People a LessonC636 Fools of LoyaltyC637 The Disaster of PrisonC638 The Third Life of the Old RulerC639 After His DeathC640 I Don't Need ItC641 Forever in the FireC642 I Can't Ask for ItC643 A Cup of Turbid Wine Ten Thousand MilesC644 Monster HunterC645 Saving a LifeC646 Communication Was also a Language ArtC647 When You Stare into the AbyssC648 Monster Abuses PeopleC649 Humans Are Afraid of GhostsC650 There Is Nowhere in Life That Doesn't CultivateC651 Monster HunterC652 You Understand It AgainC653 Monster Hunter Human InstinctC654 Monster HunterC655 Digging a Hole Was Human InstinctC656 It Was also a Human's Instinct to Call out to HumansC657 Monster HunterC658 This Version Is Perfect for Lightweight CrossbowsC659 Digging a Hole Without Filling It Is Human InstinctC660 You both UnderstandC661 Fight Fight!C662 The Importance of Mastering a Foreign LanguageC663 Skills Are No Match for the SettingC664 Even Science and Technology Could Not Match the ReportC665 Report to the BossC666 Natural SelectionC667 There Is a Difference Between Having and HavingC668 Deep Sea YouthC669 The Deep-sea Boat Model YouthC670 Deep Sea Gelo YouthC671 Spring Had Come and It Was the Season for the Revival of All Living ThingsC672 Men like to Wear BlackC673 Men Did Not like to Wear GreenC674 It's Hard for an Official to Stop Family MattersC675 Reverse ThinkingC676 Your Time Is Very ValuableC677 An Exquisite Sleep a Healthy LifeC678 Open the Door Express DeliveryC679 It Can Cure All DiseasesC680 Although Seafood Is Good Don't be GreedyC681 The Sound of Firecrackers Is Actually Very DisturbingC682 Wild FireC683 Houses Were a Time That Everyone Would ExperienceC684 KarmaC685 The Lord of Demons and DemonsC686 Being a Stranger in a Foreign LandC687 It Was to Listen to Mountain GhostC688 One Episode LaterC689 Don't Listen to the Wind or the RainC690 Make a Big NewsC691 The Cuckoo Didn't CryC692 Bag of Bamboo BladeC693 Not HumanC694 ChouguC695 Try ItC696 I'll Ride My Horse Against the Jun FamilyC697 It Is a Study to Swindle PeopleC698 Buddha to the WorldC699 No BladeC700 I Would Rather Have the GutsC701 A Bald Man Emerged from the CrowdC702 Foxes Are in ChaosC703 Fox SaidC704 Fox SmileC705 Fox SpeakerC706 Fox PlayC707 Fox FlockC708 The Fox Refused to ReturnC709 Using Tea as WineC710 A ToastC711 Punishment WineC712 In Terms of BloodlineC713 Sword HeroC714 Sword SaintC715 Body and Sword as OneC716 Problems of FaceC717 The Ihlhe Ninja's ThoughtsC718 His Name Is JunC719 Even a Monkey Has Nine LivesC720 A Tactful and Polite RejectionC721 Monkey PointsC722 SuccessorC723 Smoking Is Harmful to HealthC724 He Had Always Been the BestC725 To the DevilC726 MonkC727 Heaven's willC728 LikeC729 Prepare for BattleC730 The Self-cultivation of a SoldierC731 What Should be There will beC732 Fight the LandlordC733 DoubleC734 Not DoublingC735 Demon Slayer OrderC736 If the Five Kills Aren't Enough Then I'll Kill Them MyselfC737 Playing with FireC738 Happy past LifeC739 HorrifyingC740 Crippled SoldiersC741 White FoxC742 On the ContraryC743 Buddhist EnemiesC744 Li Kui Li GuiC745 The One Who Travels the SunC746 Walker SunC747 The One Who Did It Was the One Who Did ItC748 Sun WalkerC749 When the Tree Falls Monkeys ScatterC750 I Have to be Myself in the FireC751 I must be HappyC752 The Lower Hand Is the Upper HandC753 There's No Such Thing as a Regular ArmyC754 Drink TeaC755 I Can't Get in touch with HimC756 All FalseC757 I'll Pay for ItC758 Old FriendC759 RealC760 There Shouldn't be Any Hatred Between ThemC761 It's Good to Open the ScriptC762 You Watch as Others EatC763 Don't Bully the PoorC764 The Mysterious Old ManC765 Choose the Cultivation MethodC766 Cruel TrainingC767 I'll Pay for ItC768 This Was the First Time He Concocted MedicineC769 Palm SuckingC770 The Bitter TrainingC771 Stay away from HimC772 The Furious Wei YingC773 Breaking ThroughC774 Entering the Mountain Range of Magical BeastsC775 Coming UninvitedC776 Fairy DoctorC777 A Battle Between the Moon Queen and the Moon QueenC778 Practicing and Training and Breaking ThroughC779 The Grand HegemonC780 A Battle Between the StrongC781 The Land of WinterC782 SummonC783 A Real BattleC784 The Blade of the Demon SpearC785 A Bloody Battle in the EveningC786 A Golden LightC787 Moon Master KillerC788 Night of StrategyC789 The Sea of Stars at the End of the WorldC790 Destiny 0C791 A Scene Where the Heart Is Exchanged for the HeartC792 GeniusC793 Crazy GeniusesC794 A Failed GeniusC795 Sloppy GeniusC796 A Pondering GeniusC797 Wise GeniusC798 A Lone Wolf GeniusC799 A Genius in a JarC800 An Explosive GeniusC801 Drawing GeniusC802 A Genius of NegotiationC803 A Fake GeniusC804 Resigned GeniusC805 A Genius of AestheticsC806 A Genius Mocking a GeniusC807 A Genius Drawing MaterialsC808 Shopping GeniusesC809 The Genius Who Got Beaten upC810 A Healing GeniusC811 Real GeniusC812 The Heavens Give Birth to MeC813 It Was Inevitable for SwoopshC814 There's No Book to Rush YouC815 Every Author Had to Pass Through This PathC816 Observing Literature Is like Looking at PeopleC817 Money Is the Courage of a HeroC818 Money Is to Shave the Bone KnifeC819 A Mediocre Person Who Was Not Envied by Others Was a Mediocre PersonC820 At Most He Would be BoldC821 And He Had More GutsC822 You Need to be Careful When PushingC823 Swimming and Exercising to UnderstandC824 Fitness First Works out Your BrainC825 A Brain-dead DoctorC826 Medicine MiracleC827 The Plan Was SetC828 He Was the One Who Stood outC829 Bird Lettuce SoupC830 Coming out and Fooling AroundC831 He Had to Pay It Back Sooner or LaterC832 Where Is the RoadC833 The New Official Is the Third Most PopularC834 First FireC835 The Second FireC836 The Third FireC837 Click the Recording Button on the LeftC838 Every Author Has to Avoid WritingC839 Reading Is the Cheapest EntertainmentC840 The County Officials Might as Well Take Care of It NowC841 Escaping Couldn't Solve the ProblemC842 The First One to Solve the Problem Was the Person Who Created ItC843 Disappear in the Sea of PeopleC844 Compete with the SkyC845 They Can Do Whatever They WantC846 If You Have Money You Can Do Whatever You WantC847 Everyone Is Looking for TroubleC848 The Good Start Was Half the SuccessC849 The Other HalfC850 Actors Have to Improve ThemselvesC851 Raise One HandC852 CelebrityC853 Bringing a StarC854 Actors Are Human tooC855 People will Eventually DieC856 Accelerate the ShowC857 People in the Same Industry Were EnemiesC858 Repaying the InjusticeC859 To Seek Revenge with InjusticeC860 Writing Novels will Only Lead to DeathC861 A Life-saving StrawC862 If Your Mind Is out of Balance You Can Go AroundC863 Acting Is like LifeC864 Life Is like a PlayC865 Nayala Totemp in the Middle of the MatchC866 Start the PerformanceC867 A PacifistC868 The ActorsC869 ActorsC870 After the Scene EndedC871 The Pugilistic WorldC872 People of the JianghuC873 There will be a Eunuch in Every Martial Arts WorldC874 Every Pugilistic World must Have a Few MastersC875 There must be a Dog in the Martial Arts WorldC876 A Nobody in the Pugilistic WorldC877 There Were Big Figures in the Martial Arts World tooC878 Little AnimalsC879 Great FiguresC880 Real Big FiguresC881 Real Little AnimalsC882 The Madness of the Big FiguresC883 The Inferiority of Small FiguresC884 MortalC885 Not MortalC886 ThreeC887 One BodyC888 CarC889 SoldiersC890 HorseC891 The Cannon FireC892 GeneralC893 Wang XiaoC894 I Don't Regret ItC895 Anyone Would Regret It for the Rest of Their LifeC896 There will be a Few People That We will Never Forget in Our LivesC897 Sometimes We Forget Our Own NamesC898 Sometimes We Forget Where We Came fromC899 Feed the Young Master the PancakesC900 We Can't Eat Without ThinkingC901 You Can't Just Say Whatever You Want to SayC902 Don't Wander the RoadC903 Don't Attract the MonstersC904 Don't Even Think about the CurseC905 Don't Eat too MuchC906 Food for the SkyC907 Fear Is Human InstinctC908 The Correct Way to Deal with the Haunted HouseC909 After a Long Separation We Meet AgainC910 What Kind of Life Is ThereC911 Things That Are Lost Are Usually Hard to FindC912 Reason Tv Series Normally There Would be No Lack of ScenesC913 There must be a Man in Black in a DramaC914 The Inference Dramas also Had to Have a Verbal AttackC915 Wise Ways to Solve the CaseC916 Evil NemesisC917 Hard Reasoning Doesn't Have IntelligenceC918 Prawn Writing Prawn PaintingsC919 The Prawn Looked for the Prawn and SaidC920 Detective KobeC921 A Detective's Way of Solving a CaseC922 That Man Is BackC923 A MentorC924 A Third-rate DetectiveC925 The Screen GrewC926 Business Is BusinessC927 OutdatedC928 A New Police StoryC929 GunfireC930 Seeing Injustice on the RoadC931 Happy to Meet AgainC932 In the DarkC933 Call the Police If You Have Any DifficultiesC934 Shopping Makes People HappyC935 A Bloody Case Caused by a GunC936 SmokeC937 Gun FightC938 The Smoke Was All GoneC939 The Scene in the WildernessC940 Report Your Safety When You're outC941 Write a Letter ClearlyC942 GoC943 EffectiveC944 Everything Was EmptyC945 YesC946 New KnowledgeC947 Rising DragonC948 BacktrackC949 Truth be ToldC950 FakeC951 Tree Man MoveC952 TreantsC953 SpiralC954 Dark CloudsC955 The WindC956 Rapid RainC957 Starfire Set the Land on FireC958 Raging Flames Burning the CityC959 Rising from the AshesC960 GraduallyC961 The Late WarC962 A War Without SmokeC963 An Ancient WarC964 Lightning WarC965 The Dream WarC966 Continuing WarsC967 The War Behind the ScenesC968 An Absurd WarC969 There Was No Conflict Between ThemC970 Always Changing the New Peach for the Old OneC971 An Unspeakable SecretC972 What Was There Under the Deep SeaC973 Playing with a Toy Loses Its MindC974 Inspiration from PlaythingsC975 The Charm of the Game Lies in FarmingC976 Let's Play Another GameC977 It Was a Family BookC978 Pk-ing Was also a Part of the GameC979 Seizing Equipment Was also a Part of the GameC980 Wind and Water Take TurnsC981 Snatching Teammates Was also a Part of the GameC982 Being Preached Is Part of the GameC983 Kryptonian Is also a Part of the GameC984 Again and AgainC985 The Game Changed the Way of LifeC986 The Game Makes One IrritableC987 The Game Changed Its Way of ThinkingC988 The Game Creates HappinessC989 The Life in the Middle Was like a PlayC990 There will be a Surprise When You Search for Your Own NameC991 It Is Human Nature to Watch the Show and Not Think That It Is a Big DealC992 Bodhi Has No TreeC993 The Mirror Was Not a MirrorC994 There Was Nothing in the First PlaceC995 Where Did the Dust Come fromC996 God Laughed as Soon as He Thought about ItC997 The Coming of Age CeremonyC998 No One Was Perfect