Cthulhu LitRpg : The Diary Of Outsider

Cthulhu LitRpg : The Diary Of Outsider

486 Chapters
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*When the Town of Blood Healing with its secrets appears in this world. The Truth and Madness follows next...

As the normal college student he had never thought he would have dream of such strange place.

A Victorian style place where the Werewolves and Unspeakable monster are hiding around!

Every night he would became the different Hunter hunting the monsters in that dream, Experience all kinds of different life.

He thought it would be just a dream, Until one day he accidentally bring the weapon into the real world.

From that moment, He knows that dream is REAL!

Now, The Ancient One Has Awakened!

Fear the Old Blood,My dear readers!

As the first Morden Man who enter this City of Blood Healing,What kind of experience will he have?

With the Two world are Mixing together,Could him prepare for what is coming next?"

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