Devouring The Heavens

Devouring The Heavens

10 Chapters
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He took part in the blood ring sea competition and got the gold bracelet of ancient artifact by accident, which was chased and killed by the people of various major gates. With his intelligence and courage, he defeated the shadowy fuming master who chased him one by one, and played with the princess of the snake and scorpion beauty in applause. He was chivalrous and brave, but it was hard to prevent the villain's frame. He was swept to the top of the sky by the hurricane tribe, and understood "Tianlei Huolian" in the thunder sea.

In order to save his friends, he broke into the Longtan tiger cave alone, fought against the centipede weirdo, and killed the corpse man of the iron body. Facing the betrayal of his friends, he killed his relatives and jumped into the cliff together.

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