Divine Blood Dragon Emperor

Divine Blood Dragon Emperor

182 Chapters
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*He is our only hope to win this war.

Upon the heavens, upon the human realms, there was an Eternal Battle Wars that have lasted for hundreds of million years.

Thanks to the Dao Ancestor this world still be protected from the extraterrestrial devils.

Until one day, the Great War was about ended, we were about to lose …

That day, as the the Dark Shadow Demon Lord he was set up by the hypocrite form the Divine Realm and killed in the Eternal Battle Wars.

But his soul was saved and send to the mortal world by the Dao Ancestor.

After that the Dao Ancestor had to sacrifice himself.

He died for prolong the extraterrestrial devils’ Invasion, In order to exchange that only hope could rising again!

Now as the eight years old normal orphan, Could him hold the last chance to rise again?

Under the traitor from the heaven and great evils’ hunting from the outspace, Could he save this world?

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