Dragon Blood God King

Dragon Blood God King

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Legend has it that dragons dominated the Celestial Dragon Continent billion years ago. However, dragons had already flown up to heaven, leaving people to imagine the world under the rule of dragons. People on the continent claimed descent from dragons.

After the extinction of dragons, the land entered an era of the way of martial arts, which witnessed the rise of rare talents.

Lin Tian, a teenager of natural endowment, was known as the top one talent of the Celestial Dragon City. But misfortune befell him. Attacked by someone jealous of his talent, his cinnabar field and meridians, which were the foundations of cultivation, were all destroyed.

However, there was always a way out and misfortune turned out to be a blessing in disguise. On the edge of death, the teenager was accidentally endowed with a drop of blood of ancestral dragons, becoming the heir of it so that he could learn the mysterious martial arts of dragons.

A dragon would never be restricted to a little pond and would fly up to heaven once it encountered winds and clouds. Come and join the epic adventures about how the teenager swept away the powerful cultivators and became the unrivaled cultivator on the land.

☆About the Author☆

Gong Zi (公子) is a Chinese web novel writer, who is good at the novels in the fantasy genre. By using his sparkling words, he is skilled in creating imaginative yet logical world, in which readers could immerse themselves.

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