Dragon Breaking Empyrean Spell

Dragon Breaking Empyrean Spell

4872 Chapters
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The world is filled with compassion, healing the dead and helping the wounded!

The infected were sinister and ruthless. They did not care what methods they used. The moment they were enraged, the poisonous gas would shoot into the sky. Millions of corpses would be buried!

The Bai Yu Zhe of the Two Extinctions of Poison and Medicine had been hunted down by others because he obtained an Ancient Heaven Tier Cultivation Method. Under the price of his brother's life, his lucky soul had been born with a life of its own. He swore, he would cultivate this technique and avenge his brother! The cultivation base that had been stagnant due to his physique in his previous life no longer had any concerns! Due to his proud and aloof nature in his past life, he didn't have many friends. Now, he had to nurture eighteen blood guards that could cause a heaven overflowing wave of blood! In his previous life, he had been alone, but now, he was accompanied by a peerless beauty! He would definitely make up for all the regrets he had in his previous life!

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