Evolution: Starting As A Devouring Tiger

Evolution: Starting As A Devouring Tiger

505 Chapters
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Zhang Fann, once an ordinary man, wakes up to find himself not only transmigrated to the mystical Mysterious Yellow Continent but also transformed into a black-striped tiger. This shocking revelation is just the beginning of his tumultuous journey.

Zhang Fann grapples with the harsh reality of being a lowly ranked Demon Soldier in a world where power and evolution determine survival. His despair is short-lived, however, as he discovers an evolution system within himself, a tool that allows him to devour other creatures and evolve rapidly.

With this system, Zhang Fann embarks on relentless growth and transformation. His initial evolution upgrades his status, and the acquisition of powerful skills like the Lotus Purifying Demonic Fire and the Chaos Essence Demon God Scripture exponentially increase his capabilities. His newfound powers are immediately put to the test in a fierce battle with a Rank Three Demon Soldier, the Rock Armored Giant Bear, which he astonishingly defeats with ease.

Zhang Fann continues to devour and evolve, gains physical strength and armors himself with rock armor, enhancing his defensive abilities. Each victory and evolution brings more power, leaving Zhang Fann to ponder the limitless potential of his evolutionary path.

What heights will Zhang Fann's evolution take him to, and will his newfound powers reshape his destiny in the Mysterious Yellow Continent?

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April 21, 2024 5:44 PM
really a very good story.. keep it up, 👍🏻👍🏻
the story is really very interesting 😁
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