Fantasy Immortal and Illusionary God

Fantasy Immortal and Illusionary God

1177 Chapters
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The protagonist, Zhang Hao, had unexpectedly acquired one of the three great divine tools, the 'Fire Tower'. From then on, he embarked on the path of cultivation, and in the cultivation world and the Heaven Pavilion, the two top powers of the Dao Sect began a life-and-death struggle. In this strange space known as the Eighteen Nine Heavens Domain, Zhang Hao obtained the help of the Ancient Beast Heaven Devouring Toad.

In order to avenge his teacher, he pushed it to the Sword Tower, overturned the lightning pool, and in the end, led to a mysterious power that had been established for many years. "You will see the outline of an immortal warrior in a book, the color of a fantasy novel. There is no need to be surprised. This is an illusion immortal warrior!"

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