Great God King

Great God King

1193 Chapters
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If I become a god, there is no demon in the world; if I become a demon, there is no Buddha in the world. If I wield a sword, I will flatten the four seas. If I wield power, I will let the surrounding space clear up.

He had hated, loved, cried, laughed, fallen, and shone; he had let you humiliate him, scold him, slander him, and curse him; what could he do to me?

I am who I am. I was once the king. I never changed my mind and bravely advanced. After a long and long journey, I will become the only one in this world, the Divine Emperor!

And look at the last part of Wang Baoyu's trilogy, "The Great God Emperor". Where did I come from? The riddle of where to go.

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