Greatest Sage of the Universe

Greatest Sage of the Universe

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A bead can restrain his force and help him reach the highest level. How should he control it?

He was highly appreciated by his family for his talents, but for many years, his martial arts have not improved, and those who praised him now come to sarcasm and humiliate him. Although he was indignant, he had nothing to do.

By chance, he learned that he had been unable to make progress for many years because his mother had left him a bead that absorbed the most powerful energy between heaven and earth. But in the process of absorbing, the bead would restrain his force. Now that the bead had been finished absorbing, he could easily attain the highest position if he used it properly.

In all the years he was humiliated, he had a girl with him who he loved but couldn't commit to. Now he began to become strong, he could finally face up to his love. Since then, they two together face the future of ups and downs bravely!

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Tian Di Da Huo, an excellent online novel writer, is good at creating fantasy novels. His novels are excellent, with sharp language and strong readability.

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