Would You Like To Be A Lord Or An Emperor

Would You Like To Be A Lord Or An Emperor

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In a politically chaotic empire, a young hedonistic son of the Great Emperor stirred waves.

Being the third Prince to the Emperor and the only son to the Queen, Prince Ostar was known to be lazy and indolent. He lacked ambition as to the description of his overly-talented brothers, also princes to the Great Emperor.

Because of the Queen’s strong heritage and background, Prince Ostar gets away with almost everything, always exempted from hard tasks assigned by the Emperor.

Although he was the designated heir to the throne, he lacked support from other princes and the ministers due to his lack of skills.

During one occasion, after a decree is declared by the Emperor, Prince Ostar is unable to escape the hard task of proving himself to the throne.

In the trial mission, he is tasked with conquering a territory in the unowned land, fighting through chaotic dangerous environments of the Middle continent so as to be regarded as a lord.

Accompanying him was Chris, his exclusive maidservant and his personal guard, an ethereal beauty with unrivalled combat power and a probable but not proven incarnation of a silver dragon.

Being a Transmigrator who occupied the body of the prince after he went down with fever when he was five, Prince Ostar is torn between maintaining his image as the Emperor’s heir and proving himself as a war lord. On top of that all, he must also prove that he is better than his talented brothers.

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April 1, 2024 2:39 AM
Interesting story I really enjoyed it
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