I Was Summoned Into A World Where All Heroes Exists

I Was Summoned Into A World Where All Heroes Exists

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*As the Game player he was summoned into an Isekai world where the Legendary heros were all over around!

With the Warcraft 3 System!


Grimgar — The Western Magic Civilization Complex fantasy Isekai world.

In this world gods were not just illusory beliefs, they were all real entities. Each of the gods had their own omnipotent and infinite divine power.

A portion of them stayed in the Heaven Realm to maintain the order of the world and create many miracles The other part sealed the divine power to descend to the lower realm and created their own families.

It completely led to the adventurer profession and explored endless secrets.

The two groups complemented each other.

Until two months ago, Grimgar welcomed a huge change.

The 'Wave’ has coming!

Originally, the wave only starts one times in about in a thousand years.

But recently, the 'Wave ' had already erupted twice. And there is no end in sight!


'Wave' : Once it appeared, the sky would become like a water surface that produced torrents, forming a whirlpool that could cover the sky and cover the sun.

Then, countless monsters with unknown origins but were extremely threatening would emerge from within. In order to repel the wave,

The gods decided to open the Ancient ceremony again —— summoning ritual of the Bravehearts.


Our MC — Kevin, he was not the first transmigrator in this world. He had passed into a dead transmigrator’s body who was killed during the battle.

In this world all transmigrators all have the same name —— Reincarnator.

Reincarnator: The title Hero and the ordinary Bravehearts.

The title Hero: the Warriors who with an ancient inheritance.

The ordinary Bravehearts: the warriors who had obtained at least one special ability when they traveled through the world.

Reincarnator has Four levels:

The Title Hero that possesses an ancient inheritance is the SSR.

An ordinary Braveheart with a special ability is an SR.

The summoner that protects the memories of the past is an R.

The amnesiac summoner is N.

But even the worst 'amnesia summoner' has greater potential than most of the indigenous residents in Grimgar. ……

Identity: Kevin

Profession: SR High Priest

Money: 500

Wood: 150

Population: 5 / 12


Human Clan Construction: Town Hall x1

Orcs Building: Locked

Night Elves Construction: Locked

Undead Construction: Unlocked

Naga Construction: Unlocked


Terran Arms: Farmers x5

Orcs Military: None

Night Elves Military: None

Undead Military: None

Naga Military: None

Now as the SR High Priest who had the Warcraft 3 System what should he do?

As the new owner of this body could him blend into the former woner’s team?

Could find the truth of the “Wave”?

What kind of hero(From historical or anime)would he meet on his journey?

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