Invincible Sign-in System

Invincible Sign-in System

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Lin Yansheng found himself in the body of a baby after transmigrating to a cultivation world. His little body was lying in the middle of a pile of dead bodies when a passing cultivator saved him. The cultivator happened to be the peak master of Flawless Peak in the Heavenly Question Sect. He raised the baby boy and also taught him how to cultivate. By the time Lin Yansheng turned seventeen he was dejected because he realised that as a transmigrator, he’s supposed to have something that sets him apart from everyone else, but he currently has nothing special about him.

That was until an injured divine beast fell in front of him and he suddenly heard the voice of the system. “Ding! Discovered Target: Divine Beast Phoenix!” After discovering that he has a system, Lin Yansheng will start going out and searching for divine beasts so he could form a symbiotic contract, which helps to rapidly raise his cultivation realm.

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