Loser Youth: Magic Doctor’s Adventure

Loser Youth: Magic Doctor’s Adventure

442 Chapters
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His father had mysteriously disappeared. His family's path had declined overnight. Even his family's hospital had fallen into the hands of others. In fact, he even owed a large amount of debts.

For the sake of his life, he had tried his best to open a shop, but he didn't expect that there would be a lot of hidden secrets.

In order to drive him away, they had actually sent someone to cause trouble.

Fortunately, he had obtained an alien angel and became a world-shocking genius doctor. Since then, his life had undergone a tremendous change.

The young miss of the Wealthy Class, the beautiful female hero, the beautiful doctor, and the cold-blooded killer had all gathered by his side.

He wanted to see how the impoverished young master was going to conquer the city with his superb medical skills.

PS: A super novel doctor language, the pocket-sized cute sister doctor system. It can cure illnesses, act cute, act spoiled, and make people unable to let go of it.

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