Martial Conqueror in the Desolate Land

Martial Conqueror in the Desolate Land

1111 Chapters
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*After one night, As talented genius of the family his entire family had been destroyed and his cultivation had also crippled.

Worse still His fiancee had rescinded the marriage because of this.

All he had was the his inheritance item ——  Burning Sky Jade which his ancestor had risked their own life to get it back.

But he did not know how this thing work…

Under such circumstance, Maybe fate had not abandon him.

He came across the Sect Leader of the Concealing Sky Sect, and passed on his pill techniques, tools, array formations, and cultivation techniques.

However, because of the inheritance of the clan, they had walked on a path that was unprecedented.

Step by step, Let us see how he walked towards the unparalleled way !

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