Naruto: One-click Upgrade

Naruto: One-click Upgrade

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*After crossing into the Naruto world accidentally, he became a mediocre member of the Uchiha Clan. Deep in the depths of the third great ninja war , he activated the first bond of the max level system.

'Ding … discovered rich fireball technique the Great Fireball Jutsu, one key to max level.'

'Ding … discovered Kagebunsin, one of its keys has reached the maximum level. 

"You said that is the Sega mode? Only the one in a million can learn it?"

'Ding … discovered Sega mode, one touch up to full level.'

In this multiverse, I am Ulquiorra,I am Lion's Sin of Pride!there was no arts that I couldn't learn.

With his influence where does the story of Naturo and Sasuke go?

(Waring:The background stroy is mixed by Naruto ,One piece world and More!)

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