One Piece: Start With Trash Collecting

One Piece: Start With Trash Collecting

971 Chapters
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*"Ding … you have picked up Broken Warrior Blade, obtained Unparalleled Quick Blade Cong Yunya. "…

"Ding! I have picked up the Kaido Bounty Order. I have obtained the Armored Tyrant."

"Ding! Picked up the demon fruit core, obtained the Lightning Control without side effects."

It was impossible for a Sky Dragon to hit a Sky Dragon.

Finding the great treasure has nothing to do with me. I just want to pick up the trash and live like this.

Bullying the Four Emperors to throw away their trash.

Forced the three generals to make garbage.

What about Seven Martial Seas? They were just garbage carriers.

"Looking at the Sky Dragon Man, who was scared to the point of peeing." "Actually, I don't have any malicious intentions. I just want to pick up some trash."

Let us see how this young man step by step becoming the Cleansing King of the One piece world!

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