Rebirth: Divine Arts of the North

Rebirth: Divine Arts of the North

671 Chapters
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A heaven-defying character! The legend that was created to defy the will of the heavens! What do you think you'll do when you have the talent to learn whatever you want, plus the limitless absorption of your internal energy with the Divine Art of Beiming? Scoundrel Lei Xing was hit by lightning after encountering the Seven Stars Orb once every ten thousand years.

He accidentally teleported into the world that relied on the sky to make the Dragon Slayer's Note, but he was so lucky that he even managed to pass on to Chen You Liang. He envied the heaven-defying talent to death, and the unlimited absorption of the internal energy of the Divine Art of Beiming, to the point where it had fallen into the hands of the protagonist. All the brilliance in "Rebirth of the Heavenly Art of the Northern Dark" (Little Bamboo, new book, great support!) Pure top quality novels, YY to the home, YY to the grave!)

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