Rebirth Redefined

Rebirth Redefined

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Zhao Xiaoqi was a former sportsman in his old life, that was until he was reborn into a fantasy world inside a mysterious creation cauldron. The Cauldron belongs to an old cultivator named Faang Hee, who collects rare items in an attempt to refine a perfect body within the Creation cauldron. After years of strife, he finally collects the last item, a Divine Dragon's pearl; as he places the Dragon pearl into the Cauldron containing the Cauldron, his life's work is finally complete. It's at this moment that Zhao Xiaqi's consciousness transmigrates into the perfect body in the Creation Cauldron.

When Faang Hee learns of what has happened, he attempts a soul transfer to take over Zhao's body, but Zhao outsmarts him; using the knowledge and power of the perfect body he gained while in the Cauldron, Zhao kills Faang Hee, carving out a new destiny for himself.

Zhao's journey leads him across this new world filled with powerful and dangerous beings and sinister sects that seek the Divine Dragon Blood Essence inside Zhao Xiaoqi's body. Zhao uses his immense power and unique abilities to defend himself and those around him.

Will Zhao Xiaoqi find a cause worth fighting for beyond his survival? What mysteries of his new life and new abilities will he uncover?

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March 30, 2024 10:48 PM
dragon emperor martial god
dragon emperor martial god
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