Strongest Chef System

Strongest Chef System

286 Chapters
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Lin Feng, who sold small pancakes, got a miraculous stone and menu by accident. Afterwards, the already famous pancake stand in the University City became filled with more customers.

Relying on the magical power of the stone and the menu, Lin Feng first subdued the bullies that often bullied people around the Higher Education Mega Centre, then completed his own little dream and set up a small restaurant with his dependent sister, Lin Xin. Afterwards, he obtained a mystical system that continuously completed all the quests given by the system, ranging from catching chickens to making pancakes to winning the Master Chef Competition. In between, Lin Feng got to know many good partners. Finally, with the help of the system and with enough effort from Lin Feng himself, Lin Feng overcame many threats and difficulties, harvesting smiles and tears, friendship and love, his career and family, he reached the pinnacle of his life!

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