The Blade Of Devil Hunting

The Blade Of Devil Hunting

552 Chapters
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*This is a Dark and Stormy Medieval Age where the countless heretic and demons crawling around.

He was a Poor boy who sold by his parents to the evil sorcerer.

When he was about to be sacrificed to the demon, an old Devil hunter had saved him.

Maybe it's gratitude to the hunter or hatred of the devil.

In order to became the Devil hunter.

He had started to follow the old hunter and studied everything he could.

Now as a young Demon Hunter recruit, Today is the first of him being the true Devil hunter and Doing his first hunting career job with his master.

Their mission - Hunting The Blade Demon!

But life is not novel, Things started to get out of control...

Facing such condition, What would he do?

[Ps: The author put a lot of attention to Main character's growth, and this is the story about how a boy became the man step by step.]

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