Unlimited Upgrade System

Unlimited Upgrade System

100 Chapters
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With the System in hand, the world is mine!

Chen Feng, who fell to his death because of saving people, was reborn in another world. To his surprise, he actually obtained an Unlimited Upgrade System! This system can help him become the strongest in the world.

He dodges, he gains dodge skills, and the system helps him to reach the full level, and he can dodge all attacks!

He throws a stone, he can gain throwing skills. As long as he reaches the full level, everything in the world can be his weapon!

He inadvertently flirts with girls, can be acquired lover skills. As long as he reaches the full level, girls all over the world will fall for him!

About the Author

Cha Yi Bu Cheng Shen, a brilliant Internet novelist. His novels are rich in plot, moving and humorous in language.

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