Unparalleled Martial God

Unparalleled Martial God

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*The Heavenly Soul World was a world of martial spirits, and also a world of martial arts.

Martial artists could use their martial spirits to break mountains, move mountains, fill the seas, pluck stars and moon, and compete with the heavens for their lives.

As the no his talent youth he had been reborn 16 years ago.

By recalling the memories of his past life, he had awakened the Twin Fate Martial Spirits - Yin and Yang.

With the two extremes under his control, there was no longer any divergence in the path of martial arts.

Fate was no longer intangible.

From the Eastern Wasteland, to the Divine Dynasty.

He had stepped onto the God Realm.

By wading through the waves, laughed and cursed, acted based on his heart, he will deafted all the other heaven's pride level experts and those underestimated and supreme existences!\

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