Why My Cultivation Method So Different?

Why My Cultivation Method So Different?

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*After reborn in the world of cultivation, he had no systematic assistance,or the heaven-defying aptitude.

But who the hall could tell him, why no matter what he did, it would always be accompanied by world-shaking special effects?

As well as a beautiful junior sister who was infatuated with him...

Sigh! I Just want to keep a low profile, but my special effects doesn't allow it...

Although I don't have the strength, my damage output relies on posturing.

But this damn special effect doesn't allow me to keep a low profile!

So now cesides being handsome, he had nothing else in his life.


"This... Could it be the ancient phenomenon, the Five Dragons heaven-defying!?"

"No, this is just a special effect that doesn't have any power!"


"Senior brother is going through another tribulation! What a powerful aura! This is the Seven Killing Sky Array! "This is just a special effect, it doesn't deal any damage..."


"Wow! Senior Brother Ye is so handsome! So handsome."

"That's right! Senior Brother Ye is so handsome, as if he and I were going to have a dual cultivation... Pooh, what am I thinking!"


He wanted to cry but had no tears.

Other people's rebirth was with the help of the system and the accompanying grandfather.

I have a useless special effect! And this charming face of tens of thousands of girls!

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