An Outstanding Life

An Outstanding Life

1219 Chapters
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*Who would have imagined that the day they gained the valuable treasure for their life would also be the day they lost the most precious individuals in their life?

On the day Young Du Qi lost everything in his life, he was welcomed with suspicion and condemnation from the public, and he was charged with a crime.

He did his best to help others, yet he received nothing back in return. However, that was just the beginning of his days of misery.

Since there was no place willing to accept him, he could only hide from being chased and ambushed, painfully struggling to survive on the edge of life and death.

Great sorrow and endless despair shattered his pure and childish heart, and he lost faith in humans and humanity as a result.

Would he be able to conquer the mission passed down from his ancestors?

Or would he, who had lost faith in humanity, become cynical?

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