Cloning the Cosmos

Cloning the Cosmos

946 Chapters
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Thrust from his mundane life as a programmer on Earth, Rasul finds himself plunged into the mystic realm of the Eternal Continent, ensnared in the perilous intricacies of the primordial Endless Forest.

Despite bearing the name of a minor member of the illustrious Knowles family, Rasul's journey in this alien land is marred by a brutal twist of fate, leaving his cultivation meridians irreparably damaged. Yet, with the tenacity of a programmer, he doggedly seeks out a cure.

Salvation presents itself in the form of a Meridian Herb, known for its healing properties. Lacking the resources for the required amount, an audacious idea grips Rasul - to replicate the herb using a "copy-paste" technique drawn from his programming past. The gambit drains his vitality but multiplies the herbs.

With the replicated herbs lighting his path, a return to cultivation no longer seems unattainable.

Will Rasul, this coder-turned-cultivator, finally discover tranquility amidst the immortals and mythical beasts of the Eternal Continent?

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August 23, 2023 1:46 PM
Very nice reading. It captures you all through the various chapters. Keeps you anxious for more.
August 16, 2023 6:43 PM
Fantastic. Simply love it
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