Eternally Blood Emperor

Eternally Blood Emperor

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Sometimes, only by being hurt to the point of heartache can he has the courage and determination to return.

Sometimes extraordinary power brings people not glory and respect, but fear and jealousy of others. Ye Ya's outstanding powerful ability caused the jealousy of his leader. He was secretly killed by him. With great shock and grief, he vowed secretly that if he could relive his life, he would never let those with ulterior motives hurt him.

He died but was born again. Unfortunately, in this life, he only had low-level martial arts and could only obey the orders and arrangements of others. He was assigned to be a low-ranking patriarch, what he could do was accepting.

But with the memory of the previous life, how can he be willing to be an ordinary person? He wants to resist in trouble, and cultivate the martial arts so that to be the strongest. Those who have bullied him and framed him will pay a painful price!

☆About the Author☆

Bu Zui, an excellent online novelist, has rich imagination and creativity. His novels have rich twists and turns, fascinating, smooth writing, and humorous language.

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