Hell's Gate Thirteen Stitches

Hell's Gate Thirteen Stitches

86 Chapters
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Xu Li had been keeping a low profile for the past ten years. He was very careful, afraid that if he made mistakes, he would be doomed forever. When the lost secret skill, the Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Door, reappeared in the world, there would be endless bloody battles in the underworld.

But, who was that man who always flirted with her, who sometimes even climbed onto her bed?

"Li, from now on, you are my man!"

"Go away! Is it a thing that people can't even figure out for themselves! "

"From the looks of it, you weren't tired enough last night and still have the strength to talk back. Let's continue ~"


Li Yuan, please stay 100 feet away from me. Thank you!

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