Martial Emperor

Martial Emperor

372 Chapters
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*"The great emperor could reverse the universe and change Yin and Yang!"

In this isekai world, only a few knows If someone wants to take the name of the ancient great emperor, he/she needs to experience the seven tribulations and ninety-nine trials.

After that he/she also has to seize the good fortune of heaven and earth turned it into one body and gathering the spiritual energy of all living things into his/her body.

But no one has ever succeeded...

As the the lowest of menial servants he is the one who knows best how power important in this world.

Luckily he accidently had chance to absorb the mysterious stone!

From then on, he decide to step on the backs of the countless geniuses and step onto the peak of martial dao!

Could he become the first among the great emperors?!

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