Martial Inverse of Universe

Martial Inverse of Universe

746 Chapters
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900 years ago, Chu Yang came from Earth to the Star Martial Continent, becoming a war god of his generation. When the meteorite crashed into the Star Martial Continent, he used his life to save it, but his beloved Luo Li pierced through the starry sky.

900 years later, Chu Yang was reborn with a celestial body. Luo Li was now a celestial sovereign respected by tens of thousands of people. But he was the peerless devil of the Martial Star Continent, despised by the world!

Chu Yang swore that he would use Luo Li's blood to wash away his innocence! To lift the three-foot-long blade, to let Luo Li have nothing, to take back everything that belonged to him 900 years ago!

There is no Immortal in this world. If there is, I will be the Lord of all Immortals!

There is no god in this world, if there is, I am the God King!

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