Peerless Soul Emperor

Peerless Soul Emperor

850 Chapters
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The sect head of the Soul Sky Sect, the strongest sect in the Lan Ze Continent, Hun Jiu, has suddenly perished.

The one who replaced him was his woman, Su Jian Ning!

A thousand years later, the remnant soul of the ninth heaven was reborn in the body of a person named Ye Feng.

The blazing flames burned in his eyes. The woman who had robbed him of his blood and sweat back then had become the strongest person in the entire Lan Ze Continent! This monstrous rage caused the earth to tremble.

That year, he had passed his power on to the woman he trusted the most, but never did he expect that Su Jian Ning would ruthlessly stab his back!

"After a thousand years of rebirth, what awaits you all is the Burning Heart! Su Jian Ning, you stole my sect's body, your hatred and rage, will be a hundred times more painful! "

"From today onwards, there will only be nine days of souls left in the Lan Ze Continent, and no Su Jian Ning!"

"From now on, for the next ten thousand years, all of you must remember that my name is Nine Heavens Soul!"

"The Heavens will be angry, but do you know that the Heavens will tremble!?"

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