Stars And Moon

Stars And Moon

739 Chapters
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A man with "amnesia" woke up under the cliff.

A diagram of "Nine Elements Clearing the Pass". Legend has it that it can make people transcend the mortal world and become saints.

This was a miraculous Deathly Night Token, and it possessed an unbelievable amount of magic.

A mysterious codename, "Five of Longevity", was actually the envoy of a civilization from outer space?

An ordinary librarian, because of his fanatical love for ancient martial arts, was ordered by fate to travel to the ancient continent from two thousand years ago, where he began his wonderful and beautiful legendary life:

Although he was not easy to gamble with, he had defeated the owner of the gambling house consecutively. Although he was not greedy for wealth, he had always been rich; although he was not a frivolous person, he had always formed feelings of confusion and love with different kinds of beauties; he was born easygoing, he first picked up a Sect Leader to do things and later became the commander of a large army. He forgot which martial skills he had learned, but by virtue of his talent, fortune, and hard practice, he had defeated the top experts one after another …

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