Super Scan

Super Scan

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When mobile phone scanning can copy money and beauty, will his life become much more exciting?

In order to participate in an online activity, he scanned a piece of paper with his mobile phone, and a few minutes later, an identical piece of paper appeared in his hand! He was shocked. After scanning an object with his mobile phone, would he copy the same object in reality?

After many tests, the facts were as he expected. This made him ecstatic. If he scans banknotes, will he have countless money? If he scans beauties, will there be countless beauties with him?

Through multiple scans, he actually got countless money and beautiful women, so he lived a rich and comfortable life, but what he did not know is that the crisis also followed ...

☆About the Author☆

Yi Long, an excellent online novelist, has rich imagination and excellent writing ability. He has created many highly readable novels.

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