Sword Venerable Ling Tian

Sword Venerable Ling Tian

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Ling Tian's previous life was a sword-washing slave. According to regulations, he should wash swords for two years and practice his sword for two years, then he can get rid of being slave. But he was insulted by his undisputed character, because he never rebelled, and the slaves who washed the sword with him did all they could to bully him.

They forced him to do their works, forced him to bear bad things, and finally he died in the frame of others.

After he died, he was reborn with anger. After rebirth, he was determined to change his destiny, get rid of being slave, and make those who had bullied him to pay the price.


☆About the Author☆

Mo Bai, a new internet novelist, is still serializing his "Lingtian Sword Master", which has won the support of many netizens. Most readers are drawn to its ups and downs.

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