The Gods Creating System

The Gods Creating System

3241 Chapters
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Li Zhi: Yo, who's I? King Zhou! Aiyaya, Stupid Monarch? I like it!

A silent and taciturn system, a dark and quick-witted devil king. The two of them paired together to disrupt the world of gods.

Standing in the imperial court, music to the world, another day to change ships to become King of the Zang.

What was a saint? You schemed against me, so I will destroy your teachings!

You have the Heavenly Dao, I have the system! Let's see which one of us is stronger.

"System, destroy the Heavenly Dao."


"... "Will you die if you say more words?"

"He won't die, and he won't speak of it."

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June 11, 2023 8:36 AM
The plot is quite interesting
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