The Most Arrogant Martial Ancestor

The Most Arrogant Martial Ancestor

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Ten thousand years ago, Lin Tian was an undefied mighty being, his name was known by everyone. In order to go beyond his level, he discovered an ancient technique, but for practicing it he had to recultivate from scratch. And so he did, but he was framed, and so now he had reincarnated in a forbidden zone, in a comatose state: he was rescued, adopted and treated, but he was laughed at by others because he behaved often himself like a fool.

Becoming a young adult he reacquired his past memories and started to recultivate. But after ten thousand years what happened to his world and friends? All was mysteriously gone, and what now remained was only the sect who founded in the past, but now this sect was in misery, and he could only be remembered as the mighty ancestor…But who was Lin Tian?

With his wisdom and knowledge, to regain his power and might, to take back what he had lost, naturally he was the most arrogant martial ancestor!

☆About the Author☆

Yan Ling Xianjun, an excellent online novelist, his novels usually have a grand story structure and a distinctive personality. The plot of the novel is fascinating and loved by everyone.

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