The Strongest Summoning System

The Strongest Summoning System

1472 Chapters
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He was once a fiercely business elite. He was handsome and personable, worked very hard to achieve his value. His life went smoothly in the direction he planned, but unexpectedly a meteorite flying to earth changed his perfect life ...

He was unfortunately hit by this meteorite. At that moment, he traveled through time and space to ancient times and became a young master of a wealthy family. This young master was severely abandoned by his brother and father because of his mistakes, but he was tenacious and he never confessed, and with the strongest summoning system to bless him, he vowed to himself that he must be the one who

☆About the Author☆

Lin Xi Yi Nian, an excellent online novelist, has authored many novels, and is good at fantasy types. His novels have been welcomed by everyone due to his ups and downs plots and excellent writing.

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